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NetXG - Network Exchange - Specializing in Cisco Systems Network Equipment. Switch Router Firewall wireless.

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NetXG, Warranty and Terms : Table Of Contents:
  • Our One Year+ Warranty!
  • Reseller Warranty
  • Return Policy
  • Payment Terms
  • How To Contact Us

    Our One Year Warranty:

    NetXG stands behind all our network products we sell. We sell used, refurbished, and new network equipment. Our end-user customers with a current and qualified account will receive a One Year warranty on any item purchased from NetXG. Our Warranty covers DOA equipment or equipment failing to perform to manufacturers specifications. Warranty does not cover misuse and/or improper installation. Any item returned must have prior authorization and appropriate RMA # from NetXG. NetXG will repair, exchange, or refund equipment under warranty depending on product availability and resolution desired. If you have a problem after the warranty expires, contact us. We will work with you to reach a satisfactory accommodation.

    Reseller Warranty:

    NetXG matches Resellers warranty where appropriate or unless otherwise agreed upon specifically.

    Return Policy:

    NetXG's policy on returns or exchanges are on a case by case basis and is flexible. We understand that an occasional mistake in part # ordered can happen. NetXG will accept returns or exchanges of any working item in the same condition and packaging it was received in. All returns and exchanges are subject to a 20% restocking fee. If NetXG is in error we will take 100% responsibility for it and correct it immediately. Specialty items or special orders may not be returnable or refundable. Please see your NetXG account rep for specific details on those items.

    Payment Terms:

    NetXG accepts VISA, MC, AMEX, PayPal, and COD. Net terms are available to our qualified customers. Invoices are due upon terms specified for customer. Generally 30 Days from receipt of equipment.

    How To Contact Us

    If you have questions or concerns about NetXG's Warranty or Terms, please call us at 805-681-5071 or send us an email at


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